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PainEraser System

What is Included in this AMAZING System?

In this package deal you will receive the PainEraser Driver, PainEraser Therapy head, the PainEraser2 Bio-MAG, 2 Siliboots, and a great looking ballistic nylon case with an EVA molded foam insert that it all fits in. All of this for the drastically discounted price of $1199.95, for more than $200 in savings.

PainEraser Driver

PainEraser therapy heads, when used with the PE Driver provides superior performance. 

The PE Driver operates between the 6,000 - 14,000 cycles per minute with its variable speed control settings. This means that you won't have to worry about running the PE Driver at a speed that is not therapeutically beneficial. The long spring coiled cord also allows for easy use of the PE Driver all throughout the treatment room. The PE Driver was specifically designed to be light weight and quieter than any other HFOTR instrument on the market. 

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PainEraser Therapy Head

The PainEraser therapy head is a special therapy attachment that turns the PE Driver into a High Frequency Oscillatory therapy device that quickly and durably releases painful muscle spasm and connective tissue contraction. It is also designed to mechanically relax muscles with scar tissue and calm the reflexes that cause muscle spasm and tightness.

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PainEraser2 Bio-MAG

PainEraser2 Bio-MAG has a 1 1/4" x 1/2" Neodymium N52 magnet with a magnetic lifting power of almost 100 pounds. It is reversible thanks to the removable protective skirt. The magnetic polarity is color coded with red and blue for easy recognition of North and South magnetic polarity..

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Siliboot x2

The Siliboot is a silicon rubber boot to cover any PainEraser Therapy Head for use on the cranium or other bony areas. Simply slide the Siliboot over the PainEraser Head to provide a cushioned massage over areas of the body where the bone is close to the surface of the skin. 

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Custom Case

 A convenient, great looking, ballistic nylon case with an EVA molded foam insert that has a place for everything in your system!

SAVE YOUR HANDS! Let the PainEraser Do the WORK!

Get YOUR System Today and Say GOODBYE to Pain!

How to Attach PainEraser Therapy Heads to the PE Driver

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Buy with Confidence

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

PainEraser Systems provides a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 

*Some Restrictions and Exclusions may apply.

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3 Year Product Warranty

PainEraser Systems warranties their products for 3 years from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. 

*Some Restrictions and Exclusions may apply.

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