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PainEraser Driver

PainEraser Driver

The PE Driver is an oscillating high frequency vibrational instrument that “drives” the PainEraser therapy heads. The PE Driver operates between 6,000 and 14,000 oscillations per minute (OPM) with a 2.4 Amp 110/120V~60Hz motor.  The PE Driver is designed for continuous use and does not require “rest periods” to prevent overheating like competing devices. The PE Driver has been engineered to deliver quality performance. The PE Driver has a urethane gel noise dampening system to reduce the overall noise making it the most quiet oscillating high frequency vibrational instrument available anywhere. Variable speed control settings allow for treatment throughout the 6,000 Hz to 12,000 Hz frequency range. Published research has shown to be clinically effective as researched and reported by French neurologist, Paul Nogier. So, with the PainEraser Driver, it is not possible to use speeds outside the therapeutic range that produce excess machine noise and uncomfortable friction heating like with other drivers. The PE Driver comes with a custom ballistic nylon case with room for therapy heads.


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How to Attach PainEraser Therapy Heads to PainEraser Driver

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