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Living Pain Free.... IS Possible!


The Worlds Most Advanced Instrument for High Frequency Myofacial Muscle Release Therapy

Unparalleled quality and technical specifications make the PainEraser the world leader in myofascial release therapy instrumentation:
The PainEraser therapy heads' continuously variable geometry makes accessing and treating any area of the body easy, comfortable, and effective!
 The PainEraser Anthro DC driver is the first choice for pain-free results.
Portable and Powerful!
Lightweight The PainEraser Anthro DC driver alone is just over 1.5 pounds!
Quiet –  the  DC drivers are ultra-quiet.
Engineered and built in the USA to run cool, strong, and quiet all day long.  


PainEraser Therapy Heads

3 Choices PE1, PE2, and PE3

3 specifically engineered PainEraser Therapy Heads give the operator unique options to relieve pain and contracted Musculoskeletal tissues.
We've engineered all PainEraser Therapy heads with a "Continuously Variable Geometry" design of the area treated as the operator changes the angle of application. 
The large treatment surface area design allows infinitely variable size and shape.

PE Therapy Head 1


7 highest power rare earth magnets for those who wish to add a magnetic component to treatment

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PE Therapy Head 2 (Bio-Mag)


Reversible Dual Polarity Magnet! The Bio-MAG the highest Gauss rating of all our therapy heads and is engineered to allow reversing the head to change treatment polarity.

(picture displays both sides)

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PE Therapy Head 3


The PainEraser 3 is the same size and shape as the PainEraser 1 but has no magnets and is lighter weight, and operates even more quiet.


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Enjoy life pain-free!

Create your own custom PainEraser System to get our PE System discount on each piece of the system as you add it to your shopping cart.

Just add the driver(s) and Therapy Head(s) you want to the shopping cart to create your perfect PainEraser System. Your discount is automatically applied to the whole cart, no matter how many more items you add.  

*The PE System discount requires the choice of at least 1 PE driver and 1 PE therapy head. 

SAVE YOUR HANDS! Let the PainEraser Do the WORK!

PainEraser Accessories

PainEraser Anthro DC Docking Pod

This docking pod has a wide footprint for stability, a pivoting top connection to allow for left or right handed PainEraser Anthro DC System use, and a height range of 27" to 47".

Driver sold separately

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PainEraser Self Treatment Bar

With the PainEraser Self Treatment Bar, you will finally be able to give yourself the same great relief you give your patients. The PainEraser Self Treatment Bar attaches to the PainEraser Anthro DC Driver.

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PainEraser Anthro DC Waist Carry Belt

The PainEraser Anthro DC Waist Carry Belt has the same mount pins as the docking pod allowing for comfortable waist carry of the Anthro DC System.


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The Siliboot silicone rubber sleeve slides securely over a PainEraser treatment head and softens the treatment effects for use over bony areas like the skull, hands, and feet.


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Confidence in Your Purchase!

We are so confident that you are going to love your PainEraser that we are giving you 30 days risk-free with our satisfaction guarantee!

Order Yours Today!

PainEraser Systems provides a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. *Some Restrictions and Exclusions may apply.

PainEraser Systems warranties their products for 3 years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. *Some Restrictions and Exclusions may apply.

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