A Letter from the Inventor and Developer:

Dr. Leslie S Feinberg, D.C. 

In 2015 I started PainEraser Systems with the goal of manufacturing state of the art instruments to perform High Frequency Oscillatory Tissue Release (HFOTR), (often referred to in the medical literature as “focal vibratory therapy”.)

HFOTR was researched and written about extensively by neurologist Paul Nogier. He found a spectrum of frequencies (6000 to 12,000 oscillations per minute) to be of particular clinical value in myofascial conditions to reduce muscle pain and spasm and the restoration of normal muscle function.  In recent years, a great deal of medical literature has been written on the use of high frequency vibratory therapy.

When I looked at the professional marketplace I was shocked to find that very few instruments were available that were capable of providing vibratory therapy in this high frequency range. Worse yet, the most commonly distributed instrument was very poorly engineered, with small treatment surfaces that potentially interfered with one another.  Its treatment times were limited to a few minutes followed by resting the instrument to prevent overheating.  There had to be a better way!  So, I found one and built the PainEraser System.

Why the PainEraser Systems design is better:

The PainEraser System is designed for a high level of efficiency. 

PainEraser Therapy Heads all offer a very large treatment area – 4 times or more the size of competing instruments.

PainEraser Therapy Heads are “infinitely variable” because the contact area changes size and shape as you vary the treatment angle to treat exactly the area you want.

PainEraser Therapy Heads are designed to project forward to the treatment site.  So, there is never a problem sliding the therapy head right to the exact treatment site, even in difficult to reach, shoulder, hip, and neck areas.

Multiple Frequencies: PainEraser Drivers are built to create powerful oscillatory therapy, moving muscle and fascial planes relative to one another and effectively relieve pain and tissue tension.  Duplicate the benefits of HFOTR that current research has shown to be of value in myofascial syndromes.  Select any of the treatment frequencies from a full therapeutic range.

Power!  The PainEraser System is built to deliver unparalleled power and durability.  It is a challenge to build a system for HFOTR that is powerful enough to move a large therapy head, to do so quietly, and to allow the durability to provide treatment all day, every day.  The AC model PainEraser Driver delivers nearly 4 times the power of the competition.  The new DC model PainEraser Anthro Driver provides 800 watts of 3 phase DC power – virtually 10 times that of the competition.  These are professional instruments designed to give years of care-free service.