A Letter from the Inventor and Developer:

Les Feinberg

When I learned of the extraordinary power of High Frequency Oscillatory Tissue Release (HFOTR) to quickly and durably resolve myofascial syndromes I was amazed by the high cost and inefficient design of then available HFOTR machines.  I decided to become the Henry Ford of HFOTR and make HFOTR affordable for everyone and more effective in its application.

HFOTR was researched by neurologist Paul Nogier. He found a spectrum of frequencies (6000 to 12,000 oscillations per minute) to mechanically release scar tissue and extinguish the neurological reflexes that cause muscle spasm and tightness.  I was shocked that the only available HFOTR machines offered only one speed.  Thinking outside the box, I recognized that I could invent a HFOTR therapy head to mount on any of the 
economically priced and durable "multi-tools" made by many manufacturers. Which would provide the whole therapeutic HFOTR frequency range discovered by Nogier. At a fraction of the cost of the expensive single speed device. More importantly, I saw that my design allowed for a variety of treatment surfaces to more easily treat any desired condition or area of patient anatomy.

PainEraser is a revolution in the world of body work!  Used by doctors, therapists, sports trainers, workers, and athletes.

One of the first patients I treated with the PainEraser was an 82-year-old woman who had such severe chronic knee and low back pain that she could barely mount her walker.  Her shoulders were so stiff and painful that she could not lift her arms above shoulder level.  In 4 treatments, she was able to stand easily at her walker, virtually NO knee pain and she regained full range of motion in her shoulder. 

Construction workers with chronic overuse injuries are rapidly restored to full productivity and comfort.  Athletes of all levels of achievement find the pain and stiffness of overuse and injury melt away in minutes with the PainEraser allowing a faster return to training and competition.  PainEraser clinical results are incredibly fast, safe, and durable, even with some of the most challenging cases.

Competing HFOTR machines cost close to $2000, are only one speed, and awkward treatment surfaces that may conflict with one another and do not match patient anatomy well.

PainEraser brings you better ease and efficiency of application to any anatomical area, infinitely variable speed application, and all for incredible low price.