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Bio-MAG Therapy Head

Bio- MAG  Therapy Head

Combines the power of magnetic therapy with the effectiveness of High Frequency Oscillatory Tissue Release.


  • The patented head geometry changes the treatment area size and shape when the instrument is pitched up, down, or side to side.
  • The “reversed golfball” surface is designed with soft bumps to better transfer energy through the skin to the deeper target tissues.
  • High strength stainless steel core is stable during heavy use.
  • Reversible, allowing application to the subject of the large spoon shape with and choice of polarity. Turn over the plastic shroud to use the North (Red) side or South (Blue) side if your style of body work calls for a particular polarity.
  • The PE2 has a 1 ¼” x ½” rare earth magnet with bare lifting capacity of 75#. Use care in handling to a void a “magnet pinch”. 
  • No health claims are made for the presence of the magnets.

How to Attach PainEraser Therapy Heads to PainEraser Driver


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