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PainEraser Therapy Head

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PainEraser Therapy Head

For BEST RESULTS, use with the PainEraser Driver.

PainEraser Systems has designed a special therapy head that mounts on the PE Driver and turns it into a superior HFOTR (High Frequency Oscillatory Tissue Release) therapy device.

PainEraser is like no other massage tool on the market! By using oscillating vibrations, energy from the tool is more effectively transferred to the tissues for quicker and longer lasting results. Thus allowing the user more results within shorter treatment times. 

HFOTR was researched by neurologist Paul Nogier. He found a spectrum of frequencies (6000 to 12,000 oscillations per minute) to mechanically release muscles with scar tissue and calm the reflexes that cause muscle spasm and tightness. The PainEraser can be used within the full therapeutic frequency range discovered by Nogier. The only competing HFOTR device is very expensive, awkwardly designed, and operates at only one speed.

Don't let pain slow you down or keep you from your goals.

Let the PainEraser help you be pain free and moving forward.

How to Attach PainEraser Therapy Heads to PainEraser Driver


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